On 15 July 2012, SINOHDRO libya awarded Rigmar and a one year contract for the provision of Operation & maintenance management services for SIN125 drilling rig at Mourzik bloke NC-131oil field in south of libya.

Mobilization of the project will start in August 2012 and Rigmar will, as always, endeavor to maximize local employment in the O&M organization of its operations. This contract, which fits perfectly within the Company’s core business, provides an opportunity to demonstrate Rigmar’s expertise to SINOHYDRO and proves the IOC’s confidence in Rigmar’s long-term development strategy in Iibya.

INOHYDRO's sixteen Engineering and Construction Bureaus are qualified contractors for the construction of water conservancy and hydropower engineering projects. They are industry leaders in the fields of RCC dam construction, concrete double curvature works, arch dam construction, concrete gravity dam construction, high pressure curtain grouting, large-scale processed aggregate production, large metal structure fabrication and installation, installation of large water turbine generation units, switchyards, and high-cut slope treatments.