RIGMAR prepares shutdown maintenance work procedures for all equipment and facilities for rotating equipment and static equipment in Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation areas.

RIGMAR performs the following activities related to shutdown procedures:

  1. Collect the required data for preparing shutdown procedures
  2. Compile the required data from various sources like existing procedures, manuals and equipment tag list. Feed the data into a software tool.
  3. Prepare shutdown specifications for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation based on data collected, client business plans, maintenance policy and discussions with the client.
  4. Prepare turnaround schedule, equipment type-wise, based on agreement with client.
  5. Review and revise turnaround procedures.
  6. Based on data gathered, RIGMAR assigns crafts, man-hour duration, spares and tools required for each shutdown procedure.
  7. While writing shutdown checks, RIGMAR identifies problematic equipment and shut down-sensitive equipment. This is based on Functional and Equipment Criticality Analysis carried out.
  8. RIGMAR also outlines shutdown network logic.
  9. During the process, RIGMAR also develops ‘what-if’ scenarios and turnaround library list of all the equipment, grouped by plant / unit / system / system group / maintainable group.
  10. RIGMAR outlines safety and permit system for each shutdown procedure.
  11. Based on cost data compiled, RIGMAR outlines budget cost estimate per scenario.